It would be a pity if your trip to England ended in a fine. Check out our tips on how to enjoy a MotoGP race at Silverstone without extra costs. 

What to think about when you travel to the British Grand Prix by car:


  • All distances are in miles (one mile is 1.6 km).
  • Drive on the left. If you're not used to travelling in England, this can be a bit confusing. 
  • You can work up a sweat on roundabouts. Obviously, because you are driving on the left, the roundabout direction is clockwise. The car lights don't flash when you exit, but approach the roundabout as if you were approaching a normal junction. Indicate lft if you are taking the first exit, Indicate right when you're about to go around the whole circle, otherwise someone may run into your path thinking you're already exiting. Indicate left just before you exit.


The speed limit in Britain is calculated in miles.
Dual carriageways        70 mph (112 km/h)
Single carriageways     60 mph (96 km/h)
Cities (i.e. no speed limit signs, only street lights) 30 mph (48 km/h)


Toll charges apply on some sections of the M6 near Birmingham and on certain bridges and tunnels. 

Toll payment methods vary depending on the bridge or tunnel. Most tolls are collected at toll gates, but some bridges may have additional payment options via mobile apps, online or at Payzone branches. On smaller bridges, however, coin-operated machines may be the only accepted method of payment. The location of bridges and tunnels is usually marked on maps along with links to further information.


England is one of the countries with the highest tolerance of alcohol behind the wheel. Drivers are allowed to drink up to 0.8 per millilitres of alcohol in their blood.

Be careful, however, because if you exceed this benevolent limit, you may face severe penalties. You can be fined up to £5,000 if you exceed the blood alcohol level. You could also have your licence revoked and, if you are significantly over the limit, you could face jail. 


The police approach situations with courtesy. For example, if a driver is stopped for an offence such as driving without lights, the problem is usually resolved through communication and discussion.

You have to be very careful with your speed, for example cities are riddled with a network of speed cameras. Drivers can be fined between £60 and £360 for speeding up to 20mph over the speed limit. The fines, when they are handed out by the police, are certainly not low.

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